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Pain relief – other methods

February 16, 2013

5973_1113454523278_7620025_nJust thought I would let you know of the methods I use to help people relieve pain. After all this is one reason people come to see me professionally.

Meridian tapping is a strange one. We focus in on your energy field for this, releasing blockages to pain relief. Its a bit like acupuncture but with acupressure instead. Energy therapy comes in many forms. I use combinations of  TFT (thought field therapy), EFT(emotional freedom techniques) and PEP(psychoanalytic energy psychotherapy and teach people how to do it themselves, where-ever or when-ever they like. It is quick and can have people reeling with amazement and delight.

For instance I have helped clear headaches in 5-8 minutes, hip pain, foot pain, leg pain you name it all reduced in up to half an hour. Back pain, arthritic pain, the pain related to serious illness is helped too. Then you go off and use it yourself to minimise it further. Of course pain is there for a reason to warn you to do something about it. You should see a doctor and physio but this simple technique, taught in an hour long skype session, will help immensely as well.

easeAnother useful way of helping relieve your pain is to relax, and what better way than lie back for 20 minutes with my gentle hypnosis for healing audio, ‘Ease, please‘. I have recorded a pile of professional audios, in mp3 and CD format, and this one is really the answer to allowing your body to heal while relaxing and sleeping.

See more here in the healing recordings area of my website. Click through to the healing series, and then to each one individually. Have a free listen and then grab one, they are such a reasonable investment to help time and time again when you are in pain or have an injury. (not much more than a box of fancy band aids!)


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