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Exercise and snow update. Excuses?

January 27, 2013

IMG_0574I had this spate of writing in December when things were a bit quieter and I was promoting my running workshops and marathon talks but I see its been 10 days since I wrote anything. (pause, while I slap my wrist)

In England here we have been blanketed with snow and we are not that used to it! (me in-particular). After walking in the first soft snow here my daily fast walk got put on hold. Well, its been icy and lethal in patches and I don’t have those special grips for my shoes. I broke my wrist 5 years ago sliding over on ice and have been a bit cautious ever since. One step and I was gone, stuck writing with my previously inept left hand for months.

Having lived all my life in northern New Zealand and Queensland Australia I am used to the warmth. I had never experienced proper snow until I came here to England 10 years ago. It was the first time I had seen it snowing and it fascinates me still to watch it falling and see the countryside so pristine and quiet. So this last 10 days has been really beautiful but not serious training weather.

Besides I have been tied up with my work. December was quieter but after school goes back people remember they want to deal with their weight or are stressing out with kids or work. There’s been the marathon talk and workshops too and I am recording an audio series tho help couples who want to conceive. There’s also our plans for a big move in March which I will write about in another blog. Looking at it I have a mounting pile of  to-do notes!

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