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London Marathon? Time to think about starting!

December 20, 2012

Yes, despite it being Christmas it is good time to get yourself started on your London marathon training. You will be running somewhere around 500 miles during these next 3 months so the sooner you get started the better.

Here are some tips to think about during your few days off, or even during the quiet times at work .

  1. Start improving your fitness levels.  Get walking or jogging and think about core strength work to start building up for endurance and injury prevention. If you have any current or old injuries get them checked out by a good physiotherapist such as Chris Myers or one of the team at Complete Physio.
  2. Devise a good plan. if you are a newbie do a bit of online research and then find a marathon coach to set a plan up for you. This will be money well spent and you need one tailored to your current fitness levels and your lifestyle. If you are in London Ben Leach is an experienced marathon personal trainer to help
  3. Check your running posture. Get this sorted now to prevent running injuries and make sure your whole body is moving forward correctly. Shaun Dixon of Lets Get Running can help here, he’s an avid marathoner. He will video you and suggest improvements.
  4. Look at your diet. Research the proper nutrition for training and start getting the habits in place. Naturally lots of takeaways and alcohol won’t be on the list 🙂
  5. Find the right equipment. Running clothes and shoes are important. (see previous blog) Shaun recommends that you do not carry extra equipment weight that may affect the balance of your running.
  6. Have a great mental attitude. This is where I come in. 90% of your marathon will relate to what is programmed in your mind; the techniques you master, whats going on at work and at home, even how easily you get out of bed on a cold dark morning. Your mindset, your mental attitude, will get you through those miles and miles, and days and days of training, and then over the finish line and into the amazing elite who are marathon runners. More here or just email me

I hope this has helped you.

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