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Boston marathon thoughts

I guess there is a risk to whatever we do and we never learn the outcome until it is done. So we just have to get on and do ‘stuff’ and expect the best. If we sit about worrying or thinking, ‘I wont do that, what if something happened’ then we would be sitting doing nothing our entire lives.

In some cases ‘sh..t’ happens but it’s only a minority of times. And if it does usually this experience actually strengthens us and makes us more committed to achieve. Life works like that. And, when your time is up then it is up, and you go to that amazing place to rest and recuperate before your next experience with life. (If anyone wants a good read on this then Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters,’ is a good one)

I wish all the injured and families of those involved in the bombings during the Boston marathon condolences and courage to come through the experience stronger. It is good that the police have found the culprits.


London marathon day

Well, today is the day of the London Marathon. It is a wonderful clear blue sky here in Brisbane this morning but I guess at this time all the potential marathoners over there will be fast asleep, as its 1.20am UK time.

I wish everyone every success to be organised for the start, enjoy the amazing buzz of the lineup, and find themselves a safe spot to run or wheel within. I wish them the joy of running/wheeling free, the ability to pick up the crowd’s vibes and go with those as well as their own. I wish them the tenacity to pass through the first 5 miles, the next 10, and then to keep focused to get to the 20 miles they have already done in practice. After that I wish them the extra to know they are on the home run, to hear the amazing crowd  and know that they are so close to the finish, the medal, and the end that they have trained hard for all these past few months. And as they come down The Mall with the crowds cheering, and cross the finish line each one can know their life will now have changed for the better in many wonderful ways.

Many people talk about doing the London Marathon but many ever do it. All the very best to every participant who arrives there today.

Oxfam 100km trailwalker, Brisbane, Australia


Friend Jenny is now in serious training for this 100km team trail walk in June.

It works like this… You are part of a team of 4, and you find a sponser. You all raise money for Oxfam prior to the race and spend plenty of practice time to get your body in shape and tuned up to spend all day, all night and most of the next day seriously walking. The trail goes through Queensland forestry paths out the back of Mt Cootha, Brisbane. There are various terrains, path widths and gradients.  3 of your team of 4 must finish together.  You organise your time to stop for food along the way but you dont want to stop too long or you start to freeze up. It is winter time, the days can be ok but it can be quite cold at night.

It is said to be one of the most difficult of all the Australian Oxfam trail walks. You have to be fit.

Sunday stretch #04

A good idea for strengthening ankles and this is what was recommended me by my osteopath to help with my foot and toe.  This is also a method used in pilates classes to strengthen feet and lower limbs.

Press This

via Sunday stretch #04.

And now I have a foot problem!

Darn! I have had this toe that gets numb and its got to the stage that it’s painful to walk on even going to the supermarket and while that is a good excuse not to go it also has prevented me walking.

It’s been bad enough that my walking buddy has been in the Bahamas for 2 weeks and I did sweet nothing while she was away but now when I am ready to go for it my toe is letting me down.  I thought it was just the toe, too, but I took it to my osteopath friend who pummelled my whole leg and said the muscles down the outside were tight and the ones down the inside were looser and the muscle meet up was somewhere near this toe which was inflamming the joint there. Well, something like that.

I had to use all my powers of hypnotic relaxation to take my mind off the uncomfortable feelings as she massaged in deep to release the tension. Now I am very conscious of all this area and aware of the way I am holding and walking my foot. And it was just a small toe!  So I’m into using my own techniques to help it get better. It is a help to know just where the problem lies.

I must admit that I’d prefer to walk than spend more time cleaning and clearing the house for this big move in mid March. Oh, and I need to let you know that our walking is fast, very fast, which I must write about soon, too.

Pain relief – other methods

5973_1113454523278_7620025_nJust thought I would let you know of the methods I use to help people relieve pain. After all this is one reason people come to see me professionally.

Meridian tapping is a strange one. We focus in on your energy field for this, releasing blockages to pain relief. Its a bit like acupuncture but with acupressure instead. Energy therapy comes in many forms. I use combinations of  TFT (thought field therapy), EFT(emotional freedom techniques) and PEP(psychoanalytic energy psychotherapy and teach people how to do it themselves, where-ever or when-ever they like. It is quick and can have people reeling with amazement and delight.

For instance I have helped clear headaches in 5-8 minutes, hip pain, foot pain, leg pain you name it all reduced in up to half an hour. Back pain, arthritic pain, the pain related to serious illness is helped too. Then you go off and use it yourself to minimise it further. Of course pain is there for a reason to warn you to do something about it. You should see a doctor and physio but this simple technique, taught in an hour long skype session, will help immensely as well.

easeAnother useful way of helping relieve your pain is to relax, and what better way than lie back for 20 minutes with my gentle hypnosis for healing audio, ‘Ease, please‘. I have recorded a pile of professional audios, in mp3 and CD format, and this one is really the answer to allowing your body to heal while relaxing and sleeping.

See more here in the healing recordings area of my website. Click through to the healing series, and then to each one individually. Have a free listen and then grab one, they are such a reasonable investment to help time and time again when you are in pain or have an injury. (not much more than a box of fancy band aids!)

Pain relief gels – good info

John in his blog Fit for 365 opens a good topic on gels to help with pain relief.  As usual there are lots of helpful comments from his many followers. Have a look here…

Have you been using my free audio downloads?


Free running downloads

I hope you were one of the many people who downloaded the free running mantras from my website. If not you can find them on the link above. Please, if you are using them let me know what you think.

I am a hypnotherapist and energy practitioner and help literally hundreds of people annually get better. Last year I worked with numerous athletes with excellent results. Feedback from these downloads will inspire me on with my new audio series to motivate runners and wheelies to success.

I envisage these 20 minute hypnotic audios to cover motivation to train, care for your body (help to prevent injuries, help to heal faster) and consistency to complete your runs no matter how long they are and no matter how advanced a runner you may be. I would like to have this series out later in the year but it all depends on the feedback I get and what you guys want. So please let me know what you think of them and if they resonate with you, and if you think of any topics do let me know.

At present you can find wonderful pain relief and healing audios in my healing series. Ease, please in particular will help reduce pain and let you relax, Soaking and soothing is wonderful for relaxing and mending and my new one Deep cleansing is aimed at cleaning negativity and illness from the inside out. The confidence series is really motivating, Yes, I can being the most loved there.

Helpful hypnotic audios for pain relief and healing

How do you run in the snow?

Ok, so the question is asked here, “How do you run in the snow?”

There has to be plenty of people out there who do go out after snow and run but what precautions have to be taken?  How do you stop skidding and falling on ice?  How do you know what is under the snow? and what clothes do you wear?  

We all know that proper training is outdoors. So, in winter, when should a runner run indoors and when should they run outdoors? 

I will leave it up to you to answer here, please.

Exercise and snow update. Excuses?

IMG_0574I had this spate of writing in December when things were a bit quieter and I was promoting my running workshops and marathon talks but I see its been 10 days since I wrote anything. (pause, while I slap my wrist)

In England here we have been blanketed with snow and we are not that used to it! (me in-particular). After walking in the first soft snow here my daily fast walk got put on hold. Well, its been icy and lethal in patches and I don’t have those special grips for my shoes. I broke my wrist 5 years ago sliding over on ice and have been a bit cautious ever since. One step and I was gone, stuck writing with my previously inept left hand for months.

Having lived all my life in northern New Zealand and Queensland Australia I am used to the warmth. I had never experienced proper snow until I came here to England 10 years ago. It was the first time I had seen it snowing and it fascinates me still to watch it falling and see the countryside so pristine and quiet. So this last 10 days has been really beautiful but not serious training weather.

Besides I have been tied up with my work. December was quieter but after school goes back people remember they want to deal with their weight or are stressing out with kids or work. There’s been the marathon talk and workshops too and I am recording an audio series tho help couples who want to conceive. There’s also our plans for a big move in March which I will write about in another blog. Looking at it I have a mounting pile of  to-do notes!

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